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Cozy, down to earth and charming

It's often just the little things that make the difference. An individual style, a little extra warmth and care, the attention to detail, the joy of the job...

... whether it is a cozy meal or relaxing vacations, successful celebrations or successful conferences - we invite you to be pampered in our house full of tradition.

We offer you a regional cuisine

  • Asparagus from Speikern, beef only with certificate of origin, milk-fed veal
  • Pork and lamb from the local area
  • Venison from hunters from Hersbruck Switzerland
  • Carp from the fishery Rau from Diepoltsdorf
  • Potatoes, beet, zucchini, pumpkins from the local area

Slow Food Nuremberg

Unadulterated, genuine, honest and simply incomparable in taste
are the Franconian bratwursts from our senior chef Hans Schwab.
Now it's also official, his bratwursts are number one.

Our weekly specialties

Saturday and Sunday: Choose from a wide variety of Franconian roast dishes.

The kitchen - pure delights for the palate

You will be tempted to feast on a variety of delicacies from our excellent kitchen. The extensive offer ranges from traditional, regional and seasonal dishes to modern, light delicacies and upscale specialties.

The exclusive use of fresh ingredients are a guarantee for the high quality of our dishes.

You should not miss the delicious homemade pastries either!

Origin of the food we use

- Potatoes, beet, zuccini, pumpkins from the local area.

- Asparagus from Speikern from the farmer Haberberger.

- Pork and lamb from the surrounding area.

- Sausages from our own production and from Metzgerei Sperber from Aspertshofen

- Beef with certificate of origin, milk-fed veal from the region.

- Venison from hunters in Hersbruck Switzerland.

- Live fresh carp and trout from the Erlengrund fishery Martin Rauh from Simmelsdorf

- Burger buns from our own production - new: vegan burger buns

- Bread and pastries from Laurer Bakery from Thalheim

Butcher shop - meat from the region

Great emphasis is placed here on quality and traditional craftsmanship.

TIP: From senior chef Hans Schwab's sausage kitchen the weekly fresh, Franconian bratwursts.

Viele hausmache Wurstwaren gibt es auch in Dosen zum Mitnehmen.


... our popular - made according to old home recipes - sausage tins:


400 gr. sour lung with heart - 4,60 €

125 gr. homemade lard (125 gr.)- 1,40 €

225 gr. homemade crackling lard (225 gr.) -. 2,20

250 gr. sausage casing- 3,60

250 gr. liver sausage- 3,60

250 gr. country liver sausage- 3,60

400 gr. pork- 5,90

Get inspired

... and enjoy the magic of our inn with these pictures.